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Naomi always fantasised about bedding two guys — this is what happened when she did. When I was in a four-year relationship, my partner and I often discussed having a threesome. His fantasy involved bringing another woman into our bed, while mine was bringing another man. If sexuality is on a spectrum, I'm at the per cent straight end of it; women never interested me.

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Or someone would be standing out getting jacked off while I was being pounded. in.

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At first, one guy will usually be receiving a blow job and the other will be having sex the good old fashioned way. Sure, your vag might hurt naturally and your jaw or throat. In both my experiences, some of the guys had a hard time getting hard or staying hard, especially if they touched legs with their buddy. As 28 year old straight male, I experienced this a lot when I was 26, single, finishing college.

However, I was already hooking up with both of them. The first time it happened, they both played for a local hockey team. Please name here. Best ways are dog style one man from behind while other gets oral or best for her is two men legs wrapped around each other, penises together for her to sit on as one.

This can be fun but requires men heteroflexible or maybe one bi.

Aug 10, We're Ladies First. Jun 6, Go to mobile version. Just to clarify. They also were best friends, unbeknownst to me.

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Dating Problems. The fantasy of having a threesome is often desired by men, and it typically involves them with two women. Overall, I was not a fan of having a threesome with two males let alone threeprobably because I was only years old. We did that a lot. You have entered an incorrect address! Sure, it felt weird getting double penetrated and it was hard to focus.

For starters, both groups consisted of teammates. They might take turns getting you naked, you know, one takes off your top half and one takes off the bottom. Get help. Recover your password.

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Not unique or interesting at all. I know it sounds bad.

Please comment! The second time, they were all players on the local OHL hockey team.

Password recovery. However, just because I had a threesome with them does not mean they necessarily shoved their penis inside of me. Learn how your comment data is processed. In one of my circumstances, one guy went in my vag and the other went the dirt road while the last guy was in my mouth.

And yes, guys might giggle or get turned off if they touch the other guy. Send me Unwritten articles please!

It actually kind of made me feel likeand was not really sexy like you see in porn. While you make out with one guy and maybe give him head, another will come up and expect you to rub him a little bit or maybe start sucking him off too. How it normally starts is you definitely only kiss one guy.

It also requires 1 female to be bi.

Obviously, your muscles are going to hurt from moving and doing poses in unusual positions. I had no clue they knew each other until I went to one of their games and saw them both. One of the guys even went on to play in the NHL, which is kind of cool now.

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But the problem was: how do you find the guys?

And you can probably say goodbye to you getting pleased orally or having them suck on your breasts too. Log into your. Stay Connected. In this case, there were actually three guys involved. Best orgasms of my life at the time.