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Blog Exercise and Fitness. A VO2max of 40 can be excellent for one person, good for another, and only fair for a third. This simply means that the you see is how much oxygen you can use per kilogram of body weight in a single minute. That means that your body weight is already factored into the equation. Men tend to store fat around the trunk and abdomen and women storing more fat around the hips and thighs. On average, men have higher VO2max values than women.


So, for a man and woman with the same VO2max, the woman will have a better fitness level compared to her peer group. The first thing to understand is that a higher VO2max is generally better than a lower VO2max.

The missing context here is that the first person is a year-old woman, the second is a year-old man, and the last is a year-old male student. At the same time, women tend to naturally accumulate more fatty tissue.

One is the fact that total body mass or weight tends to increase as we get older, but lean muscle mass decreases. VO2max is generally regarded as the best indicator of cardiorespiratory fitness. Ok. And, not surprisingly, your VO2max is connected to health, performance, and longevity.

Variation in physical performance between men and women mostly come down to differences in body composition. For most people, however, a good VO2max is understood in terms of by so-called normal values. Fitness, Age, Men and Women. This affects the large muscles that power our movement, but also the heart itself. Exercise and Fitness. However, she will likely have a lower VO2max compared to a top male endurance athlete. At the same time, many people find VO2max difficult to understand. Like Tweet Share.

The force with which the heart beats to push oxygenated blood to the muscles also decreases. Similar VO2max can mean different things for different people. In terms of understanding whether your activity and lifestyle profile translates into real health benefits, VO2max — the defining metric of cardiorespiratory fitness CRF — is the perfect resource. Research shows that men typically have more lean muscle mass than women.

Age-related decrease in physical activity and functional fitness among elderly men and women

But how high is high enough? Age is always a tough topic.

Making sense of VO2max requires personal context. The good news about VO2max and aging is that for the most part accelerated fitness declines resulting from sedentary lifestyles can be reversed. Muscles use oxygen while fat is simply stored energy.

Weight management and fitness topics often go together and good reason Both are good health indicators and both benefit from healthy lifestyles. News Blog Science.

What’s your fitness age? vo2max reveals it

A higher VO2max means that your body is better at taking oxygen from the air and delivering it to your muscles. Another is that our muscles work less efficiently. First, mixing letters, s, and abbreviations together makes things look scary and complicated. This is where things can get tricky. These are the ranges of VO2max that researchers have identified in the general population.

This is important because your aerobic metabolic pathways are by far your most efficient source of energy for your body. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Several factors contribute to age related fitness declines.

What’s a good vo2max for me? fitness, age, men and women.

This means that with proper care you can improve your fitness and feel younger and more energetic in the process. As humans our peak fitness potential is usually around the age of This is true for both men and women.

The more oxygen your muscles can get, the more nutrients you can aerobically transform into the molecular fuel ATP that your muscles use to contract and perform. If you are a competitive marathon runner, triathlete, cyclist, or cross-country skier, then the answer is really, really high.

If you liked this article, you should subscribe to our newsletter. When you get your VO2max from a smartwatch or fitness tracker, the you see is what exercise scientists call your relative VO2max. If you are really interested in fitness, then you will be fine with a funny name. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. VO2max for Men vs Women Variation in physical performance between men and women mostly come down to differences in body composition.

Top endurance athletes practically dedicate their lives to improving their VO2max.

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matter. ificant reductions in your cardiorespiratory fitness, that is VO2max, occur already within 2 to 4 weeks of detraining. These natural differences in average body composition are important for understanding what your personal VO2max means. A top female endurance athlete will almost certainly have a much higher VO2max than the average male. Past the age of 70 fitness levels decline even more quickly. The higher your VO2max, the better your aerobic fitness.

Higher is better than lower, got it. Where fat deposits accumulate on the body also varies between men and women. Just as your fitness improves over time, it declines if you stop training.

Cardiorespiratory fitness losses can be managed through healthy lifestyle choices and regular physical activity. VO2max is the that describes your cardiorespiratory fitness.