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These are the core obsessions that drive our newsroom—defining topics of seismic importance to the global economy. Our s are made to shine in your inbox, with something fresh every morning, afternoon, and weekend. I often fantasize of a world in which male friends casually chat about bell hooks or Audre Lorde, as my female friends and I do. That fantasy recently became reality, when I met Wade Davisthe former NFL player turned feminist activist who is on a mission to teach men about gender equality Seeking feminist man healthy masculinity.

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We have grown so accustomed to power imbalances between men and women, that we not only have normalised them, but romanticised and sexualised them. This is the lesson we should have learned from MeToo: that the problem of male entitlement and misogynist attitudes towards women is a social one, not a personal one, and certainly not one that will be resolved by more men insisting they are feminists. All you have to do is declare it so. Both pornography and prostitution are areas wherein sexual harassment and abuse are part of the job description, and the idea epitomised in the sex industry — that sex Seeking feminist man a right — is very much something men bring into the bedroom.

For a party with a leader who considers himself feminist, this is incredibly troubling. Prostitution is an industry Seeking feminist man sees thousands of girls and women abused, exploited and killed, all around the world. Bitcoin slides again as Musk U-turn continues to weigh. Have you ever paid for sex? When sexual harassment and flirtation are treated as one and the same, and when young men learn to be the sexual aggressors — that to coerce and pressure young women into sex is an acceptable means to a desired end — women are bound to wake up feeling uncomfortable, exploited, disturbed, or even traumatised.

And so I have little interest in celebrating — or even believing — men who proudly announce their feminism. How many people have been killed by US police since George Floyd? The MeToo movement has not only opened up the conversation about the ubiquity of sexual harassment and assault, but it has successfully held men able for behaviour that, for too long, had been ignored or kept secret.

More from Author. Meghan Murphy is a writer in Vancouver, BC. Her website is Feminist Current. But what men say in public often contradicts their personal and political actions. It also encouraged men to start speaking out publicly, in solidarity with women. Have you ever pestered a woman into sex — your girlfriend or wife, perhaps — when she Seeking feminist man less than enthusiastic?

And when it comes to the tough issues, Trudeau and far too many other men, are suddenly and conveniently silent. Actor John Cena apologises for describing Taiwan as a country. Calling yourself a feminist is easy these days.

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The truth is that, in all likelihood, most men — if not all men — have engaged in behaviour that was inappropriate, made a woman feel uncomfortable, or was even abusive. While many incidences reported as part of MeToo are Seeking feminist man abuses of power and acts of violence — the assaults committed by Harvey Weinstein being an obvious example — others demonstrate that it is the way men learn to behave around and engage with women that is a problem.

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It is also an opportune moment for men to point the finger at others, and away from themselves, all the while enjoying praise for coming out in defence of women. Trudeau has, in some ways, walked the talk, calling out other men for sexual misconduct.

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If I had known you were reporting for a national paper, I never would have been so forward. In recent years, anyone and everyone has been encouraged to take up the label — men included.

How can we, in a patriarchal world, be surprised when man after man turns out to have behaved in, well, exactly the ways they have been taught and encouraged to? Now that he has a more ificant position of power, his unapologetic feminist approach to this issue has waned. Meghan Murphy.

A reading list for men who care about feminism

What women experience as intimidating, many men read as harmless, not least in part because women are socialised to avoid conflict and respond politely, even when offended or uncomfortable. Indeed, it is often men who are awarded the most accolades for doing so. Most Read.